Robb Cosmetics On Demand: Hourly beauticians (makeup, nails, hair, etc) for your special event.

Robb Cosmetics licensing: Licensing of Robb Cosmetics brands to third parties for products such as make-up, lipsticks, etc.

Robb Cosmetics Effects: Provide visual effects for films, concerts, theatrical productions, and television shows.

Robb Cosmetics Consulting (in partnership with Rosedale Consulting Corporation): Advises clients on fashion, cosmetics, etc.

Robb Cosmetics Merch (in partnership with The Urban Blvd): Apparel and other merch produced by The Urban Blvd on behalf of Robb Cosmetics brands.

Robb Cosmetics Stylists: Stylist to fashion companies for photoshoots and also film, theatre and television productions.

Robb Cosmetics Marketing (In partnership with Robb Creative Group): provide marketing services to beauty and cosmetics brands/companies.

Robb Cosmetics Set Design: We design and create sets that appear in films, concerts, television shows, theatrical productions and more.



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